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    Risk Assessments &
    Case Management Software

    Developed by experts in the field, Empower's risk assessments and case management tools are instrumental in helping staff seamlessly enter and analyze their justice clients' risk levels, mental health needs, and likelihood to re-offend. Additionally, our tools allow users to immediately link client assessment results to individualized case planning and service provision.


    Youth Assessments

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    The Youth Assessment and Screening Instrument (YASI)

    The Youth Assessment and Screening Instrument (YASI™) provides a vehicle for entering and analyzing information collected by juvenile probation officers, caseworkers, youth service managers, social workers, and other professionals who assess at-risk youth clients.



    Web MAYSI-2

    The original Massachusetts Youth Screening Instrument, developed by the National Youth Screening and Assessment Partners (NYSAP), is the most widely-used mental health assessment tool for youth in the United States.

    Web MAYSI-2, built by Orbis in collaboration with NYSAP, is a cloud-based version of the original instrument that is modernized and streamlined, making it easier than ever to utilize in a variety of juvenile justice settings.



    Adult Assessments

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    The Service Planning Instrument (SPIn)

    The Service Planning Instrument (SPIn™) is an adult risk/needs assessment tool for criminal justice staff to use with their clients. The goal of SPIn is to help professionals gather and analyze information from multiple sources and apply the results to individualized case plans and appropriate services.



    The Service Planning Instrument for Women (SPIn-W)

    The Service Planning Instrument for Women (SPIn-W™) is a risk/needs assessment for women 17 years of age and older and is intended for predicting probation and parole outcomes, success in correctional reentry centers, institutional misconducts, and post-release recidivism. 



    The Service Planning Instrument:
    Re-entry (SPIn Re-entry™)

    SPIn Re-entry™, an abridged version of our original Service Planning Instrument (SPIn™), is an offender risk assessment & re-entry program. SPIn Re-entry helps caseworkers develop service plans for their criminal justice clients by measuring a range of criminogenic needs that may have an impact on future criminal behavior.



    Case Management

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    Based on years of research by leading experts, CaseWorks is a secure, cloud-based case management software platform that seamlessly integrates the above assessment tools and provides automated analyses—allowing case managers to tailor plans according to assessment results. In addition to planning and case management, CaseWorks provides users with the ability to generate comprehensive reports regarding caseloads, overall risk levels, and other factors among client populations.





    Our assessments and case management tools are:


    Our risk assessment tools capitalize on strengths & protective factors in order to promote client success.


    A user-friendly interface helps professionals effectively analyze results & develop actionable service plans.


    Our case management software allows users to easily access all of our tools on one platform and allows for easy integration with existing software.

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