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    Practice Support

    Empower is a leader in the advancement of evidence-based practices. Our family of organizations offers evidence-based practice support, consultation assessment and implementation services for those interested in developing or improving an evidence-based program.


    Training on Evidence-based Practices

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    Training is an essential tool for keeping staff, supervisors, leadership, and stakeholders up to date with emerging knowledge and expectations for improved outcomes. We offer in-person, online, and self-directed courses on important components of evidence-based practices, including core professional competencies, case planning and management, continuous quality improvement, coaching, behavior change tools, and supervisor resources.



    Evidence-based Service Coordination

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    We provide expertise in the knowledge, management, and infrastructure needed to implement high-fidelity evidence-based programs. Beginning with a service gap analysis, we build an implementation plan that provides the foundation for effective service delivery and program oversight.



    Evidence-based System Assessment

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    One of our key service areas is to assist communities and systems with assessing the overall efficiency of their current service system, including its cost-effectiveness and the level of accountability and risk inherent in the system and services available for youth and families.

    Assessment projects may include:

    • Determining available service delivery resources and capacity
    • Reviewing needs of identified youth populations
    • Recommending cost-effective, evidence-based practices that would be appropriate to the developmental and service needs of youth


    Evidence-based Practice Implementation Support

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    In order to achieve the goal of bringing about effective system reform, we work closely with clients to provide the following evidence-based implementation support services:

    • Administrative oversight
    • Service provider oversight
    • Utilization management
    • Stakeholder management
    • Program evaluation
    • Funding and sustainability management

    nationally recognized.



    Our evidence-based support services are:

    Internationally Recognized

    We've delivered services to hundreds of agencies from across the country to develop and maintain an evidence-based framework.


    We emphasize collaboration, consider the needs of all levels of staff and the organization as a whole, and offer individualized services that are specific to those needs.


    Our services are backed by decades of firsthand experience in the application of evidence-based knowledge. 

    Want to learn more about our evidence-based practices, tools, and software?